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PET bottles are finally being given a new lease of life in furnishings and design.
3B from Treviso and leader in the production of panels for the furniture industry, has come up with a revolutionary new project to transform the raw material obtained from recycled PET into a film which can be used to cover doors and panels.

The end of a bottle is the beginning of a new life.

From bottles to furniture. The end of one life and the beginning of another. 3B, the market leader in furniture components from Treviso, has gone from being a supplier to becoming the number one partner for businesses and designers looking for innovative, eco-sustainable design solutions. It is a true pioneer in the sector, thanks to an innovative 100% recycled PET film for doors and furnishing components.

With this invention, the company leads the global field in the challenge for environmental sustainability, pioneering a new way of designing, conceiving and producing the furniture of tomorrow for consumers concerned about the environment and the future of the planet.
Years of research and development enabled the company to develop an innovative process which breaks down, purifies and extrudes plastic bottles, so they go from being waste to becoming raw material for recycled PET sheets which can be used to produce doors and furnishing accessories, in any effect and finish, and with the same features and performance as a new>
This revolutionary process is called Respet.

Less plastic, less pollution, more awareness of the future.
The company’s mission, the planet’s need, the market’s demand.

The new 3B product is the culmination of extensive studies and experimentation on plastics and bioplastics which lasted two years. The project was set up to enable the company to make environmentally friendly production choices, in line with its vision of helping preserve the health of the planet.
The new technology is also the perfect answer to the demands of a
consumer market that is increasingly sensitive and aware of these issues.

Every year 100 billion PET bottles are used around the world
Only 30% of them are recycled. The remaining 70% joins the rest of the plastic in the environment (it takes 1000 years for just one bottle to degrade).

Consumers are well aware of this situation:
95% of the people interviewed said it was important to protect the health of our planet.

    The new technology patented by 3B is a step in the right direction because:

  • it does not use fossil fuels, namely non-renewable energy sources whose availability could be jeopardized for future generations (25 PET bottles are used to produce one door instead of 0.5 litres of highly polluting fuel)
  • by recycling PET, 3B is playing an active part in the global disposal of plastic
  • the production process has reduced CO2 emissions by 60%

3B, an important player in the circular economy, is using its research to make design more accessible and environmental awareness a concrete, everyday way of life.